About us

About the Ligmus Family

Quality and Competence are two things we value above everything else.

The Story of Ligmus360 Enterprises started far back as year 2013 where the love for beautiful lights was induced into the soul, body and spirit of two wonderful persons; Favour Okonta and Kosi Uhuegbu. They worked so well as a team, became the indomitable and formidable CABAL in the media family. They developed particular interest in the world of stage lighting, exploring and observing with keen interest.
They proceeded with huge steps in stepping up to form a solid foundation and hence got a platform to introduce an amazing lighting experience to the world.

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Ligmus360 Enterprises has been on-going, starting from the days of college. It officially commenced on the 3rd day of April 2016 when Favour Okonta and Kosi Uhuegbu decided to stand-out and profer solutions to stage design and lighting inefficiencies.

The Passion for lights brought the spirit of extreme perfection and speed coupled together with two keywords (Quality and Competence). Ligmus360 Enterprises is fully committed to ensuring that every event covered is one to be reckoned with accompanied with amazing lighting aesthetics and accurate mood reflectors.
We pay attention to every detail from the survey of the environment to design and eventual setup. We ensure we deliver our services at utmost professionalism.
The reason, we at Ligmus360 Enterprises are SIMPLY PROFESSIONAL.

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